i “heart” bunnies

i “heart” bunnies

Jojo running around before her surgery.

we like to spend our weekends traveling out to the country, and often we stop to capture spectacular images along the way. let our eyes be your eyes!

sometimes we even come across the most unique treasures! many of which you can find here. there’s always an adventure to be had when the sun is shining! 

et tu, frye?

i found these beautiful stacked heel frye granny boots the other day. the leather was layered like reptile scales. the heels and soles were in mint condition. i held them in my hands, close to my chest, like a secret. it’s rare that i find something so special, and when i do i like to savor the moment. i’m sure only minutes passed (though it seemed a lot longer), before i examined the insides of the shoes.

made in china.

et tu, frye?

et tu….

a long time ago frye boots (and shoes) were strong symbol of american ingenuity. like that old 68 camero in high school, the one you could hear coming from a mile away. frye was the muscle car of boots…. now many frye products are made in china. i’m sure the quality is still great, but to me it’s just not the same. thankfully, there are still many vintage “made in usa” frye boots out there! like these amazing women’s cowboy boots!



“true” vintage frye’s have different markings on them than the standard labels. also when the inside of the shaft has a black label it means they were made prior to 1978, a white one means they were made after 1978. 

old eyes are my favorite eyes

i’ve been collecting cameras since i was twelve. while i didn’t understand the fundamentals of photography, i was drawn to the mechanical aspects of the camera. i’d spend hours listening to the sound of the shutter or gazing through the viewfinder. it’s truly a different word when your vision is constrained (liberated?) by a mirror and lens.

as i’ve grown, so has my collection. from polaroid to lecia, i’d venture to say i have it all. i’ve stopped collecting bodies and moved onto lenses, any photographer will tell you that it’s the lens that makes the camera. since i rarely shoot film anymore my lenses have started to collect dust, until digital saved them.

with the help of an extraordinary new camera and some specially designed adapters from japan, i’m able to use all the amazing lenses. am i in love? maybe a bit, but my heart still belongs to my 35mm spotmatic. its rare solid black metal design inspired a sense of awe. i think the silver ones are still easier to find, but the black….well it’s getting buried with me.

pentax has always been stellar company. with it’s recent sale to ricoh, i can only hope good things will emerge. i’ve been a big fan of ricoh gxr camera and there dedication to full manual controls.  still, i wonder if they ever make anything that could move my heart the way the spotmatic did.